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Who we are


Uganda and Africa’s women and children that are progressive, transformed and achieve their full potential


ChangeWaves is dedicated to working with women, children and young people (both male and female) in Uganda and all over Africa to use Information and communication Technologies (ICTs) to rid society of the core causes of under development including gender inequalities, gender inequities and avoid preventable deaths


To fully ignite the potential in Uganda’s and Africa’s women, children and young people for development through using technology for communication and development


  1. Rapportouring
  2. Event facilitation
  3. Policy advocacy
  4. Knowledge sharing
  5. Technology training
  6. Web 2.0 for development training
  7. Research on technology trends and challenges

Objectives of ChangeWaves

To utilise technology to ignite the leadership capacity of women, men, children and young people (both male and female) for development

Our strategies

  1. Operational research
  2. Information sharing
  3. Policy advocacy
  4. Capacity building
  5. Coalition and movement building
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