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Leadership celebration: Museveni’s rap, one of Uganda’s biggest exports

As I write this, I am listening to President Museveni’s now famous hit rap clip or is it song. I hardly understand what he is saying but music is a universal language. You don’t have to understand the words to enjoy the song otherwise the discothèques would be empty. The young folks who flock these dance halls can barely understand what 50 Cents Or Eminem let alone Bebe Cool or Bobi Wine is saying but they wiggle and gyrate anyway.

Most of my Facebook friends’ status updates this week have been about this rap. Atleast we got a break from those complaining about the potholes, the dusty city, the shaming NRM campaigns, Noami Mao as Uganda’s Michelle Obama,  jiggers in Busoga (a huge leadership failure if you ask me to have villages infested by jiggers in the 21st century (or read Facebook era). Now that tells you a lot about the leadership actions that we need to rise up to make Uganda truly the pearl of Africa,

But I think Museveni’s rap has a lot of leadership celebration. For starters like I have explained above, the Facebook status updates were different (that’s if you have smart friends like mine who are discussing national issues and not men or women troubles).

But more seriously, I think the arts fraternity should use this opportunity to push for the copyright bill to be made law. I think the president or any of the presidential hopefuls should be more sympathetic knowing that it takes time to compose and it hurts not to reap from what you have sown. I also know for sure that most of teh apparently Ugandan music in cyberspace does not give a true picture of what Uganda is but that is a topic for a different day. Look at Chameleon’s Jamila. Is that a video you can use to promote your country? That’s why I am all for more of Museveni’s Mpekoni mpekoni mpekoni

The video and sound clip has been all over the cyber space meaning there are more Ugandans using the Internet now. Therefore the  government should put more resources in making the internet and other Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) more accessible to the people especially the young folks.  With more ICTs, we may no need to spend more resources on the gifted by nature kind of promotions that cost taxi payers huge sums of money.

Even in 2010, some people still think Uganda is ruled by Amin. With more use of the internet and ICTs, it means we can advertise the good our country has to offer than the ugly it is known for or even not being known at all.

Whereas this rap may have been made popular because of the person who sang it, I seriously have an issue with the quality of videos that are on the internet. You can hardly differentiate a Britney Spears video from a Ugandan made music video. What with the dancers that that are dressed and leave nothing for imagination. The media is also awash with such photographs apparently because it sells more than the descent lady.

I think the Museveni rap says a lot about the state of our nation. But this is not a state of the nation address so  I rest my case but sig to hear what your thoughts are about the presidential rap.

I am sure he won some youth votes because of this. We know politicians all over the world have done crazy things for votes, Obama ran to stage, Jacob Zuma danced to get a wife, Hillary Clinton cried for votes, …….

I can’t wait to hear what the other candidates do for votes.

Mpekoni, mpekoni, mpekoni…..  let me know what you think about this rap and what it says about our country.

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